Hand Cut Silhouettes by Deborah O'Connor

To place your order:

  1. Purchase one of the Silhouette Packages in Shopify listed on the page above.
  2. Take your photograph (following the instructions detailed below) and email directly to deborah@thesilhouettelady.com.
  3. Include your Shopify Order Number in the subject line of your email to Deborah.

Your order cannot be processed until Deborah has received your photos via email. Completed orders will be ready to pick up at the shop on the last day of the month provided a photograph has been sent to Deborah by the 10th.  Orders received after the 10th will be ready the following month.

You can also select to have the order shipped to you when you check out in Shopify.

 Tips for Taking a Photo for Deborah, The Silhouette Lady

  • The photo should be taken of the subject’s right side, as shown in the picture.
  • Have the subject stand against a plain background.
  • Make sure to capture the entire head and chest area, and a true profile, not a three quarter view.