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The Brooklyn Women’s Exchange is dedicated to helping talented people by displaying and selling their original creations. We return 70% of the retail price to the artist. In accordance with the original mission of the Brooklyn Women’s Exchange, potential consignors must represent one of the following groups: the elderly, the handicapped, the financially needy, and those that further American crafts movement.

If you are interested in placing your work in our shop, please download and send us the application form below with a description of your work, suggested retail price and, if possible, photographs. If email is not practical, you may mail photos or a sample. 

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Download the application to become a consignor

The Brooklyn Women’s Exchange
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Become a Brooklyn Women's Exchange Volunteer Member

The Brooklyn Women’s Exchange is a membership organization that relies on its volunteers to run the shop on a daily basis. Our members are the lifeblood of the Brooklyn Women’s Exchange, handling transactions, identifying new crafters and displaying merchandise. All members volunteer to work in the shop for a minimum of two to three shifts per month.

We are always interested in speaking with potential members. If you would like information on getting involved stop by the Shop during business hours, please call 718-624-3435 or email us at


55 Pierrepont Street Brooklyn, NY 11201  |  718-624-3435  | 

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