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Meet the Woodcarver: Dennis Taylor

Dennis Taylor, a longtime crafter of the Brooklyn Women's Exchange shop, will be offering demonstrations of the long-held tradition of woodcarving, or whittling. Come and meet Dennis and watch as he creates his unique Santa figures.

Woodcarver Dennis Taylor at BWE

More about Dennis’s work:

All carvings are done by hand, using primarily a single carving knife and an occasional hand tool called a gouge.  No sand paper or smoothing devices are used.  All carvings are shaped with only the cutting edge of the tool used. 

Carvings are made from basswood (often called a linden tree), the wood most valued by carvers for its favorable qualities.  Each piece of wood is unique, with its own set of characteristics and occasional flaws embedded within it, such as where the natural wood grain changes direction.  These areas present a carving challenge and absorb paint differently.  All of these conditions combine to make each carving unique and give it its natural character and distinctive handmade look.

Dennis paints with highly diluted colors so the wood grain and hand carved texture show.  Each carving is finished with two coats of a special blend of beeswax, carnauba wax and walnut oil that is non-toxic and food safe, then hand buffed to give it a satin sheen.